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Buffalo Bill Monumental Bronze Sculpture

Where 'Buffalo Bill' Cody earned his famous nickname

Buffalo Bill Monumental Bronze Sculpture
Photo from

Buffalo Bill Monumental Bronze Sculpture
Click to enlarge. Photo provided by Oakley Area Tourist Office.

US 83 & 2nd Street
Oakley, Kansas 67748
United States

On This Very Spot in 2004, a monumental bronze sculpture was erected to commemorate the event that gave Buffalo Bill Cody his famous nickname. In 1868, a contest was held ten miles west of this very spot between Bill Cody and Bill Comstock to determine who was the best buffalo hunter and therefore, worthy to be called "Buffalo Bill." Cody won the contest by slaying 69 buffalo to Comstock's 46. The sculpture depicts Cody on his favorite horse, Brigham, taking aim at a running buffalo. It stands 16 feet tall and weighs 9,000 pounds. The sculpture was created by Kansas artist Charlie Norton.

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Public Access: This spot is located outdoors and is accessible 24/7/365. Ramps lead up to the sculpture which sits on a twenty foot manmade hill.

Parking: Free parking is available on-site. The paved lot has room for cars and big rigs.

Amenities: A log cabin containing information about Buffalo Bill Cody is open on weekends in the summer and anytime by appointment. No restrooms.

Location: Oakley in Northwest Kansas

Nearest Major Airport: Denver, Colorado

Nearest Rail: Garden City, Kansas

Directions: Take either Oakley exit off I-70 and follow the loop around Oakley. The sculpture is situated at the west edge of Oakley at the end of 2nd Street on Highway 83.

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