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The Furlong Road Flat

Inspiration for the 1975 Elton John song "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"

The outside entrance
The outside entrance
As pictured in the 1975 Captain Fantastic album sleeve.
Click to enlarge. Copyright 1975 This Record Co. Ltd.

The outside entrance today
The outside entrance today
Click to enlarge. Copyright 2001

Corner of Furlong Road & Liverpool Road
London N7

On This Very Spot in London's East End, just before making it big, Elton John and his girlfriend Linda Woodrow shared a flat with Bernie Taupin in London's East End.

On This Very Spot, as Elton felt increasingly trapped in the relationship, he became so distraught that he made a rather comical attempt at suicide, turning on the gas stove but laying a cushion on the oven door to rest his head. Later, singer Long John Baldry gave Elton the courage he needed to break up with Linda, and the next morning Elton's stepfather arrived to carry him and Bernie out of the flat and back to the safety of home. The experience inspired the 1975 hit song "Someone Saved My Life Tonight," and the door to the complex (right) was pictured in the liner notes of the 1975 album Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.

Submitted by: Howard Vinson

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Condition: This spot looks essentially the same as it did at the time.

Public Access: This is a private residence and is NOT open to the public. The owner of the building has made it clear that he will NOT allow people on the premises, even for money. The only thing you can see is the outer door pictured above. (You can also see the front of the building, but Elton and Bernie would not have entered there.)

Parking: Public parking is available along the street.

Location: This spot is located directly north of historic London in the area of Islington.

Nearest Major Airport: London Heathrow or London Gatwick

Nearest Rail: Highbury & Islington

Nearest Subway: Highbury & Islington

Directions: From the Highbury & Islington rail/tube station, walk north on Holloway Road (A1) and turn left on Furlong Road. By car from central London, take the A1 north past Highbury Square and turn left onto Furlong Road. At the end of the street on the left is the door pictured above, which is an outside entrance to the downstairs flats. The building itself faces Liverpool Road.

Latitude: 51.546800; Longitude: -0.108600

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Chris said ...

Interesting - for me because I have walked past that door lots of times without knowing what happened there once.

I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this, but Islington is nowhere near the East End...

posted on September 12th, 2018

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