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Galt Museum & Archives

1910 hospital and most haunted place in Alberta

Galt Museum & Archives
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502 - 1 St S
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 0P6

On This Very Spot in September, 1910, Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier was on hand for the opening of what was then the Galt Hospital. This 1910 structure later became the Galt Museum & Archives.

On This Very Spot in 1933, George Bailey died tragically in the Galt Hospital while being wheeled to the operating room for a routine appendectomy. Half asleep from the anesthesia, George was pushed halfway onto the elevator when something went wrong. With the doors still open and George only half on, the elevator started to rise. The front legs of the gurney got caught on the elevator, dangling George above the elevator shaft and then dropping him head first onto the basement floor. Unbelievably, George did not die immediately, but was up and shuffling around in the basement when people got to him. He died of head injuries the next day.

On This Very Spot since George Baily's death, reports of a presence being felt accompanied by the sound of shuffling feet and blasts of cold air with no known source have been felt throughout the Galt Hospital building.

On This Very Spot the children’s ward is said to have two spirits, Sarah and Alexander. No one knows much about them, but they are said to wave out the window to people after the museum is closed and lights have been known to turn on and off when there is no one in the building.

On This Very Spot Galt staff also report feelings of being watched when they’re alone in the building and footsteps being heard in empty hallways. Other ghostly sightings include overhearing conversations in empty rooms, blue lights floating down hallways, and black shadows standing and watching people work.

On This Very Spot in the 20th Century, Senator Joyce Fairbairn was born at the Galt Hospital. Being one of the oldest buildings in Lethbridge, the Galt is integral to the history of southern Alberta. Many southern Albertan residents were born here - they are know as "Galt Babies." Unfortunately, when the Galt Hospital closed in 1955, the birth records were destroyed.

On This Very Spot "Galt Babies" gather once in a while at Galt Baby Birthday Parties organized by the Galt Museum & Archives.

On This Very Spot In 2006, the Galt Museum & Archives was part of the City of Lethbridge Centennial celebrations when it officially reopened on May 6 following 16 months of renovations.

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Latitude: 49.692439; Longitude: -112.856938

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