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Maltkiln Farm (former site)

Bernie Taupin's Teenage Home

Bernie Taupin's teenage home
Bernie Taupin's teenage home
Bernie's bedroom was the window on the right, and no doubt the lyrics to early Elton John songs were written on this very spot.
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The former site of Maltkiln Farm
The former site of Maltkiln Farm
View of the house from the public footpath that traversed the Taupin's pasture land.
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Church Lane
Owmby-by-Spital, Lincolnshire

On This Very Spot, Bernie Taupin lived from the age of eight until he married in 1971, immediately following his initial success as Elton John's lyricist. When the family moved here in 1958, it was a working farm complete with a barn, chicken house, and out buildings. The house, now renamed "Meadow View," is all that remains of the farm. When viewing the house from the road (top photo), the window on the right was Bernie's bedroom. Bernie completed primary school in the adjoining village of Normanby-by-Spital.

Submitted by: Elias Howard

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Condition: The only building left today is the house that Bernie's father built, and it has now been stuccoed over. Other homes have been built on each side where the barn and other buildings originally stood.

Public Access: This is a private residence and is not open the public. However, there is a public footpath at the side of the property that allows you to walk out into the meadow that used to be the Taupin's farmland and look back at what was originally the front of the house (bottom photo). This public footpath was often used by the young Bernie Taupin to visit his friends in nearby villages.

Parking: Public parking is available on the village streets.

Location: Owmby is a small village located less than ten miles north of Lincoln.

Nearest Major Airport: Birmingham or Manchester

Directions: Take the A15 north out of Lincoln for about seven miles, then turn right onto the road signposted for Owmby. Once in the village, turn right on Church Lane. The house is on your left.

Latitude: 53.373930; Longitude: -0.497080

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