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St. Peter's Church & Church Hall

Where Lennon & McCartney met;
Site of Eleanor Rigby gravestone

St. Peter's Church
St. Peter's Church
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Gravestone of Eleanor Rigby
Gravestone of Eleanor Rigby
Paul McCartney says he doesn't remember this as the source of his famous song.
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Church Road
Liverpool L25

On This Very Spot on the evening of July 6, 1957, John Lennon was introduced to Paul McCartney by a mutual friend after Lennon's band The Quarry Men played at the village fete that began that afternoon. The meeting took place in the Church Hall across the street from the church, to the left of the stage that was located on the far end of the hall from the door. A plaque on the front of the hall commemorates the historic meeting.

On This Very Spot on the afternoon of the same day was taken the famous photo of John Lennon wearing a plaid shirt and fronting The Quarry Men during the Woolton village fete. The afternoon stage was set up on the school grounds directly behind the church.

On This Very Spot is located a gravestone (right) bearing the name of Eleanor Rigby, the title of a 1966 hit song written by Paul McCartney (who has denied remembering the gravestone). The gravestone is located in the section of the cemetery to the left of the church, in the second row facing the street, just to the right of the cemetery's center walkway.

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Submitted by: Tracy Bolin

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Nearest Major Airport: Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Latitude: 53.375900; Longitude: -2.871100

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